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Lisa Hensley

Executive Director

Lisa came through The Potter's House for Women on July 08,2007 . After being in the program for three months she was asked to be the live-in House Manager. She continued in this position for three and a half years leading many women to Christ as well as helping them with their daily guidance to achieve a productive lifestyle through group settings, life skills, and one-on-one mentoring .

In 2010 she was asked to take the position as House Manager at the Maternity Home of Rock Springs Church. There she would guide teenage unwed moms to the Lord and structure a program around each young girl in the area that was needed.


Lisa has a deep passion to help women of addiction and she is determined to make a difference. Due to her own life story of many years of addiction, destruction, teenage pregnancy, she crawled into the door of a women's discipleship program a very hopeless and desperate woman. At that time she was determined to do whatever it took to change her life and to help another woman find her way. Through Christ Jesus and the many people God placed in her life she has and is making a difference for the Kingdom of God.


God has done great and mighty things in Lisa's life on her journey of restoration and her walk with Christ. She has been restored with her family ,she found her brother who had been missing for 26 years led him to Christ and he is now involved in ministry and restored with the family. She has been to Israel, she's a Notary, speaks at church's and event's and goes into the jails and prison's bringing Hope for the Hopeless .



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