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Success Stories

“My name is Kacey.  What Katlyn’s Promise means to me is a promise of support, a promise to help, love, guide, and lead me as I transition from the Potters House back into the outside world and begin my new life in Jesus Christ in our very challenging world.  I speak with the Program Coordinator weekly she keeps me accountable and encouraged.  Katlyn’s Promise has helped me with access to resources like counseling groups, meetings as well as a vehicle so that I can obtain employment. . . . They have taught me to take one day, one week and one month at a time to continue my walk with Christ"  

“My Name is Misti and I am 35 years old. In March 2013 my life was in ruins due to my meth addiction.  I was sleeping on a friends couch and had nothing but the clothes on my back. That’s when my cousin told me about the Potters House, a ministry that helps girls get off drugs and renew their life through Christ. I spent seven months there and got saved. But when I graduated I was looking at going back to the same situation of living on someone's couch, not having a job, a car that would run and no home to call my own.  That's when Katlyn's Promise came in and gave me a job, fixed my car, and got me a home and had all my utilities turned on.”

“My name is Heather  . . .  Katlyn’s Promise purchased me a 2001 Honda Civic.  They have also helped me to have a support system, resources, access to community groups as well as talking with me weekly to help me with my life issues.  It has been almost one year and I now have my own apartment and I get my kids on the weekends.  This would not have been possible if I had not gotten help from Katlyn’s Promise.”


“My name is Kristian and I graduated from The Potter’s House for Women on May 6, 2013.  At that time Katlyn’s Promise walked with me as I began my transition back into my family and in life.  Katlyn’s Promise got me a car and helped me get insurance. . . . They really helped my family and me get back on our feet.”

My name is Tammi.  This selfless organization has helped me in so many ways.  I can honestly say that the inspiration of Katlyn’s Promise and the way their staff and program operates in through the Love of Jesus because it is the true unconditional Love of Christ that is portrayed in all they do. 

My name is Sherri.  Katlyn’s Promise has established a program for my daily and overall needs in helping me maintain my sobriety.  I am currently in the process of seeking employment and  I look forward to all that God has for me in my growth . . . .

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