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Our Services

Katlyn’s Promise is a ministry that provides transitional services to women that have dealt with an addiction related crisis.  This is not a facility, but rather an assistance program where women can successfully re-establish and transition back into society. 

Through community donations, services are provided at no cost to our clients:


Spiritual Counseling – Through the continuation of a faith-based program, our focus is on deepening a spiritual walk through Bible studies, Group studies, Sunday school classes, Church & one-on-one counseling.


Life Skills & Mentoring – Daily guidance and instruction by a Program Coordinator, Staff and Volunteers.  Reward programs are in place to encourage development to the next phases of our program.  Our women are taught life skills that will enable them to thrive in their new roles as disciples of Christ and restore them to their communities and families.


Legal & Financial Care – Through partnering relationships, we can face specific issues head on like outstanding fines, probation timelines, driver’s license reinstatements, family & civil legalities, drug testing, and family reunification.

Education Program – Individual needs met through partnerships that encourage GED certifications, technical skills, and continuing college education.


Employment Program – Our clients have access to employer partners and organizations that have the same commitment to restoring them to community as Katlyn’s Promise does and through these alliances they have access to employment, community service projects and networking opportunities.

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